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Nothing like a little racial controversy to bring out a person’s true colors.


After an awesome sign of solidarity displayed by the St. Louis Rams receiving corp, a local bar put on an equally disgusting display of their own. Located in the heart of St. Louis, Time Out Bar has been a strong supporter of Rams football. But according to their facebook page, this has now come to a screeching halt.


Shortly thereafter, the page confirmed which team they’ll now be “supporting.”

In an attempt to defend themselves, the page explained their point of view.

It’s amazing that these five college educated black men can still be referred to as “thugs” and “boneheads” when flexing positive, intellectual muscle. Who knew that a simple show of support for those standing up to the injustices faced by African-Americans in today’s society, would result in all team photos and memorabilia being ripped off the walls? These athletes haven’t burned any buildings, nor destroyed any communities. The only crime committed by the St. Louis Rams wide receiving corp, is being black with a voice. Although this was a despicable display by the owners of Time Out Bar, it’s clear intelligence isn’t their forte. They obviously wouldn’t know a “peace full” demonstration if they saw one.

Rest in power, Michael Brown.

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