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Darren Wilson‘s supporters aren’t happy with how we’ve presented developments in his case, and we just have to laugh.

#TeamBeautiful has made it clear that we feel a gross injustice was done when the Ferguson grand jury chose not indict Darren, and that has come across in our reporting on the issue.

Here’s a round-up of some of the most hateful Ferguson emails we’ve gotten since Monday. These seem to come from people who don’t understand how outrageous it is that Darren got away with murder. BTW, that is exactly what happened no matter what the grand jury decided. We typically don’t respond to this nonsense, but these were just too ridiculous not to share.

From: J

Subject: D. Wilson

“This fine officer did not MURDER anyone. He defended himself from a thug who just committed a strong armed robbery and who attacked him and attempted to take his firearm from him. Read the transcript from the Grand Jury, you race baiting cow!”


From: M

Subject: D Wilson

“Just read your opinion piece about D Wilson’s first interview. Now I won’t be as cynical as you and call It murder but will send my condolences to the Brown family.

With that said I want to also say how proud I am of Darren Wilson for taking necessary action on Brown. It is obvious by the zoo like actions that are occurring in Ferguson, that police deal with animals like Brown each day. For example, take Browns step dad, “burn this bitch down”, is indicative of great parenting and zoo like behavior I mentioned and a MAJOR reason why police will never respect the minority communities in impact zones.

Lastly, D Wilson is a hero. He stands for what is right in this country (the law) and should be celebrated for his actions!”


From: D


“I hope you don’t consider yourself a journalist. That article on the “murder” of Michael brown had to be the worst written, most biased article I have ever read. Your complete lack of understanding on the justifications of deadly physical force is mind numbing. You should do a little research on that. Why you wouldn’t, tells me a lot. I was a State Trooper for 32 years an if ever there was a justified shooting this was one of them. White, black brown or green that lad was going to get one to the chest and 2 to the head. If you are going to whine about the 7-9 shots fired, the public should be made aware 7-9 shots can be fired within 2 seconds easily. A suspect can easily close 30 feet on you in under 2 seconds. So, yes as long as he was still coming at me, I’m still pulling the trigger. You don’t shoot to kill you shoot until the threat is stopped. If this was a white on white shooting you wouldn’t even have questioned it. This kid was a thug, not a reason to die, but he didn’t make good decisions in his life and no one wants to question him or his parents about his substandard moral upbringing. Unarmed “innocent ” blacks are killed daily by other blacks and no one from your community wants to talk about that. If I or another white person brings that up, I’m sure you and your ilk will be getting in line to call me a racist. However, your writing is so one sided and blatantly full of errors your racism is there for all to see. Why don’t you write an article about the animals that are now destroying Ferguson and yes they are acting like animals, whites and blacks alike. Just looking for a reason to loot and have chaos reign. I am sure you did not go to journalism school, but a true journalist will investigate both sides of a story and report it objectively and without such a tainted bias. I genuinely believe I had an open mind and heard a lot of evidence on both sides. I firmly believe justice was done and his justification for deadly physical force was present. A tragedy a young man is dead, but that’s on im and is family for raising an asshole. To call him a murderer was despicable, unprofessional and you are a racist piece of sh*t.”


From: L

Subject: Just read your article regarding Darren Wilson’s interview

“Do you really think this is good journalism? Your title “Darren Wilson Gives First Interview Since Murdering Unarmed Ferguson Teen Michael Brown” is absolutely ridiculous. The police officer was doing his job. This teen had just robbed a store and assaulted its owner. Do you even look at the facts or do you just promote the hate that is going on in Ferguson? You should be ashamed of yourself.”

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but disagreeing on a particular point shouldn’t cause rational adults to become disrespectful. Of course, therein may lie the problem.


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