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If last week’s episode took you on an emotional roller coaster, this week’s installment of ‘Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood‘ is sure to one-up that. We begin where we left off, with the birth of Omarion and Apryl‘s son Mega. The couple is completely jubilant over their new addition, as is O’s mother, who’s also getting along with Apryl now. The conversation between the family quickly takes a turn left, as Apryl begins to discuss her relationship with her mom and the affect it’s had on her. This portion was to set up what was to happen a little later down the line, once we see the interaction between Mega’s mother and grandmother.


And speaking of babies, we jump to Nia walking her daughter Cam through the park, while conversing with Morgan — whom we hadn’t seen in a while. The two ladies discuss motherhood, which leads Nia to open up about being pregnant. With Soulja Boy currently on tour in Brazil, it’s placed Nia in a difficult position, as she’s not sure whether or not to tell him over the phone or wait until he gets back. Think about that for a second: A young rapper is touring in Brazil. That might not be the best time to have that conversation, given that said rapper’s energy level is always somewhere between a case of Red Bull and a shot of pure adrenaline. Nonetheless, Nia decides to postpone the conversation, but is then faced with an even tougher situation to deal with thereafter.


Did someone say, “tough conversation”? Oh, this must be the Hazel-E portion of the show. Ok, so the aspiring rapper has had a tough series thus far. From fall-outs with “friends” to struggles with music, LHH: Hollywood has been a rough road. And with Yung Berg celebrating his birthday with Masika by his side, things were undoubtedly going to get tougher. This whole situation was slightly confusing, as the new couple go from the studio saying that they’d attend Hitmaka‘s “All White Extravaganza” together, to exchanging “I Love You’s” on the stage in front of everyone. Of course in true reality TV fashion, the party is also the perfect opportunity to debut the record that Berg had just given Masika, which originally belonged to Hazel. The whole music playing part got really awkward and weird, and eventually turned into a shouting match between the two ladies and Berg. As this is happening, Teirra approaches the scene but is halted by Ray J, who came to make amends with the singer. After an interesting exchange between the two, Ray sets his sights on confronting Morgan, who apparently told TT a few things about Willie Ray’s current relationship with Princess.


The culmination of these events happens with a meeting between Brandy’s brother and his former assistant. Being that the two hadn’t spoken in a while, Morgan was under the impression that he’d reached out to apologize and make peace. Boy was she wrong. The conversation went about as smooth as a Lifetime biopic…oops.


Check the 10th below.


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