Beyonce & Jay Z Working On A Collab Album?

Beyonce and Jay Z may still want to be on the run. Just days after they finished their “On The Run” tour, with Beyonce professing her love to “Mr. Carter” at the end of the show in the above video, a rumor popped up that the couple is collaborating on an album. DJ Skee of Dash Radio, who posted an exclusive video, said: “I’ve confirmed and talked to the couples sources; now we all know what Jay Z did with Samsung last year, we all know how Beyonce came out of nowhere, but this secret would top all of them.”

We’ll see about that one! And duh, we’re here for it!

Oh and that’s not the only power couple rumor! Remember those suspicious pics of Jay gripping Bey’s belly, fueling rumors that Blue will be a big sister pretty soon? Bey posted a pic of her slaying in a bikini on her birthday, with no belly in sight. So of course her fans and faux fans are suspecting that said picture had a photoshopped thigh gap.

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 10.44.36 AM

According to Mail Online, “The picture in question sees the star smiling as she struts down the stairs, proudly showing off her bikini body. However, the stairs between her thighs tilt up in a diagonal angle which seems to confirm that the picture has been touched up with an additional tool before being uploaded to her Tumblr page.”

Fans immediately began protesting on social media about Beyonce’s thighs. sigh One fan wrote on Twitter, “Why the hell is Beyonce photoshopping in a thigh gap?’ and another tweeted, “Questionable thigh gap there, Bey. #photoshop #wonkystep #beyonce.” Another added, “beyonce needs to chill out forever photoshopping a thigh gap.’

There has been photoshop speculation on Beyonce’s infamous thighs before and we have the same opinion: Folks need to find something else to do!

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