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12. Hard-boiled eggs are healthier than fried eggs

For a quick, easy and protein-packed breakfast, skip the grease of fried eggs and go for the hard-boiled version.

13. Skip the pancake syrup at brunch

On that breakfast note, who doesn’t love a stack of pancakes once in a while? Save the calories and go light on the syrup by topping it with fruits.

14. Use cinnamon in coffee or tea

Slash extra calories by using cinnamon as a substitution for sugar. You can even sprinkle some in oatmeal too for a delicious spicy-sweet flavor.

15. Snack on air-popped popcorn instead of chips

Craving a salty snack? Air-pop some popcorn and add a dash of salt. You can have more of it in comparison to the amount of chips with the same calorie count.

16. Skip the cocktails and margaritas at happy hour

A healthier option would be a glass of red wine or even a beer!

These are all small changes that you can make to live a better lifestyle. Share with your friends and family and start implementing them today!


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