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Toyota gave Black Twitter plenty to cackle about when it proudly dropped the ill-conceived “Swagger Wagon” music video this weekend.

In an effort to make minivans cooler, the car company thought it might be a good idea to infuse their ad for the 2015 Sienna with some hip-hop…and they were wrong. So. Incredibly. Wrong.

The commercial features a white suburban family rapping about the Toyota vehicle and how it fits into their oh-so-tame lifestyle. It’s complete with picket fences, heavily monitored language and rhymes about how lame they are.

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The video, which Toyota released Sunday, has left me with several questions: Did these people seriously just hit the superman? What in the hell was the marketing department thinking? How far back into the hip-hop stereotype timeline did they have to reach to find those satin track suits?! Was this ad a rejected concept from Katy Perry‘s latest music video?

The biggest mystery was trying to figure out what possessed Busta Rhymes to lend his skills and ridiculous flow to “Swagger Wagon.” Hopefully, Busta got a whole fleet of Toyota vehicles along with staggering amount of money for his verse. Whether the masses hate it or love it, Toyota’s got to be ecstatic over all the free publicity its viral video is raking in.


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As soon as “Swagger Wagon” hit the Internet, Black Twitter went in! Plenty of people had thoughts on the video, ranging from snarky cracks about Busta’s career and the state of hip-hop to general annoyance with the concept.


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