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So here is the deal, for some of us REAL Boondocks fans we were more then a little anxious to see what an Aaron McGruder(less) season would look like.  Well although he is no longer involved it looks as though his spirit is.  The new season starts with all kinds of stabs at Chris Brown or an artist that seems to have a lot in commChris-Brown-Fashion-FAILon with him.  I would also like to add that even though there is no Aaron I was more then happy to see Philly’s own Angela Nissel’s name in the credits as a consultant.  Google her, but I will tell you this about Angela.  She founded one of my favorite websites Okayplayer and is the writer of one of my favorite books, “The Broke Diaries”  and producer on the hilarious “Scrubs”.  So its nice to have a piece of Philly involved in one of our favorite shows.  Anyway, check out the episode below