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Lil Wayne's The Carter 4 Album Cover


With the internet being the main source of music consumption, it’s a lot easier than before to have a wack album in your possession. Since nobody wants to listen to bad music, people have been trying to figure out ways to weed out the trash music. While normally, we’d say just read our site because we feel we post hot music, our friends at The Smoking Section did us one better and created a seven-step guide to recognizing an album is terrible before it even gets released. Check out an excerpt below:

Common's Album Cover For "Universal Mind Control"

Step 2. The Artist Starts Talking About His NEXT Album

Remember when Common was doing his press runs for Universal Mind Control and all he could talk about was his album after that which would be totally produced by NO I.D.? It’s a definite sign that “Hey, you don’t want to listen to this album I’m about to release.” We should have known then that UMC would usher in a new music genre dubbed electrosodomy. Generally, when rappers spend their press runs for an album talking about things other than that album, then we’re looking at disaster.

To read the full guide, head over to The Smoking Section.


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