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Last week, Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child was a guest on Philly’s Morning Show with Shamara & Laiya. She came to promote her new gospel single If We Had Your Eyes. Of course Shamara and Laiya HAD to ask her about the Super bowl and the infamous tweet that Keyshia Cole tweeted. In case you missed the interview click here. We now have an update on this story. Check it out below

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Sunday night on Twitter, Michelle Williams tweeted:-

Michelle Williams Tweet

Keyshia Cole responded :-

Keyshia Cole Tweet

So it would appear on Michelle’s end this has been settled. Not sure if Keyshia Cole has put closure to this seeing as she still thinks Michelle erased the tweet. Michelle stated in the interview with Shamara and Laiya that she never deleted the tweet because she never posted it. She did NOT say she was hacked. She said someone cut and paste it to make it appear as if she had sent it