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Courtesy of SOHH Dot Com

Nicki Minaj went to her twitter page yesterday to address people that were bashing the outcome of this season’s American Idol contest, which she is one of the judges for the annual singing talent competition.

“Lol. Be mad @ AMERICA when u get sent home. The JUDGES are the ones who FOUGHT for America to get the opp to VOTE 4 U!!! #memba?,” she tweeted March 29th.

“Send the judges some flowers and a card. If Curtis didn’t get SAVED, NONE of u get saved! Best male voice of the SEASON!!!!!!!!!!! #TruthTea”

“Jennifer Hudson didn’t win!!!! Oscar winner!!! #memba??? ok. Take that exposure and let your light shine.”

Rumors are swirling that a contestant that was kicked out of the competition might have been the reason for Nicki’s rant on Twitter.  American Idol‘s current 12th season airs every Wednesday and Thursday night at 8/7c on Fox.  For more info about this story go to SOHH Dot Com: http://www.sohh.com/2013/03/nicki_minaj_goes_on_explosive_rant_be_ma.html