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“Gold and Purple all in my watch, don’t believe just watch…”  Not quite right huh??? lol  Even those these are not the lyrics to Trinidad James’ song All Gold Everything, luxury watch maker Hublot will be creating a brand new timepiece that celebrates the moniker of Los Angeles Lakers basketball star Kobe Bryant.  After announcing earlier this week that Kobe Bryant has become a brand new ambassador of the brand, which boasts the talents of Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade and Olympic track star Usain Bolt, Hublot has announced the creation of the Black Mamba chronograph as a part of their King Power series of watches.  The watch will have gold and purple accents with a black snake-skin band that resembles the moniker of Kobe Bryant being dubbed The Black Mamba because his basketball game is reminiscing of the snake with the same namesake.  The watch will only be carried in select Hublot boutiques, but look forward to the watch to set you back a little bit with the price.  Hublot watches price point is anywhere between $30K-$500K dependent on the style.  Check out the watch and video below,  cha-ching!!!


Courtesy of Hublot

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