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Valentines Day is the time of year when the ” real men” are weeded out from “the boys.” It is  the ever so reliable day when relationships of convenience can be deciphered from real love connections. You may be thinking I am taking a dramatic postion and putting EXTREME  emphasis on a made up and “insignificant “holiday, but it’s quite the contrary! Think about it .. Valentines Day and all holidays for that matter seem to be the time of the year when relationships can take a turn for the better or sometimes for the worst. You know how ‘people do’, if they are “not that into you ,” weeks before a major holiday the calls slow up, the text diminish and slowly but surely you find your self wondering-“is something wrong?”  If you ever asked yourself this question,  9.5 times out of 10 the answer is NO!  You have simply and unknowingly been entered into the “avoidance zone.”

What is the ‘avoidance zone’ you ask? It’s a simple and clear zone where one’s significant other falls back to avoid their partner. In the case of holidays,  the ‘avoidance zone’ is most likely not due to any fault of your own. Your partner MAY just be telling you they are not that into you , or that there is someone else who holds the’ leading role’ in their heart!!!

Some of the signs that your significant other is avoiding valentines day can be crystal clear , where as others can get creative. Thankfully  for you “suspicious”  lovers out there, I’ve complied a list of 5 ways to tell if he or she is avoiding valentines day:

1) They avoid the subject all together

2) They stop calling or become suddenly busy weeks before the holiday

3)  They’re suddenly sick on February 13th

4) They suddenly become religious and its now against their religion

5) They say “every day ” is valentines day , hoping your not expecting something