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2Pac Movie In The Works?? (thumbnail)

Courtesy of SOHH Dot Com And YouTube

No Limit Records frontman Master P acknowledged in a recent interview that he came close to signing the late Tupac Shakur to his No Limit Records umbrella when they were a smaller independent label based out of Oakland and Tupac was an Bay area native and up and coming artist.  “[Tupac] was liking the movement of what we was doing,” explained P, “but we wasn’t fully there yet. … That was one little piece that I was looking at like, ‘You know what? This could be alright”, according to HHDX.  Master P claims that Tupac was just one of many artist that were considering coming over the No Limit Records umbrella.  For more info about the story click the link right here courtesy of SOHH Dot com  and check out a throwback video of the No Limit Soldiers right here.  Can you picture Tupac being in this video below?