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Instagram is one of today’s most popular social media sites. Along with every new social media site, there comes an unspoken set of rules or code of conduct. For example, on Facebook users who constantly post statuses several times within an hour can get irritating to others, where as on twitter, it is encouraged to constantly update and keep the conversation going.

Instagram edict can be confusing, of course everyone loves everything they post, because THEY post it . Fear not ” insta-soldiers”after much research and input from avid instagram users, l’ve compiled a list of 15 things one could do on instagram to get unfollowed. Get ready for a HONEST crash course in “Instagram Edict!”

Here are the top 15 ways to get unfollowed on Instagram :

1.  Posting too many pictures of yourself – We need options, you alone are not that interesting.

2. Posting more than 5 pictures without captions – Are we supposed to guess our way through your random pictures?

3. Private pages  – Who can tell if they like you from pint size pictures and a few characters? Unblock your page!

4. If you don’t have photos you wont get followed in the first place. By the way it makes you look slightly creepy..what’s the point ?

5. If you are constantly telling your followers to follow your friends and you yourself only has 50 followers – You’re barely getting a follow, be happy!

6. Too many pictures of your child – we know you love them, they’re cute … WE GET IT!

7. Too many inspirational quotes. There is only one Rev Run!

8. More Tweetgrams than pictures – Take all those words to Twitter, this is Instagram!

9. If you are constantly the first person to like your own picture, it looks slightly desperate .

10. Inconsistent messages – You are  a “stripper” one moment then you are a “political analysis”  the next moment..

11. Too much time between post.

12. Too many throwback Thursday pictures – keep it to a minimum.

13. Flooding the timeline – after more than 3 pics within 2 minutes from the same event, we get it ! Try spreading it out!

14. Repost edict – nobody likes a theft, If you know who posted the picture, shout them out !

15. Too many overly vulgar pictures

If you disagree with more than 5 of the 15 unspoken rules, you may possibly be a habitual offender !

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