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The season lovers live for but lonely singles despise.

If the cold weather hasn’t given it away, cuffing season is here and it is time to be “cuffed”. Unfamiliar with the seasonal holiday? According to Urban Dictionary, cuffing season occurs during Fall and Winter when people who are normally single or ‘promiscuous’ desire to be ‘Cuffed’ or tied down by a serious relationship.

The annual ‘girl’s night out’  or  ‘bromance’  isn’t entertaining  anymore? Well cuffing season is your chance to find a temporary lover to turn your dull cold nights into erotic love sessions.

But what happens when the weather warms up and Spring has arrived? For many, there is this unspoken understanding that once Spring arrives it’s on to the next. But what if you’re looking for something more, something…. long lasting.

Below  you’ll find 5 steps to turn a  temporary relationship into a long term relationship :

5.) What’s Really Good.

Before cuffing the individual think about what YOU want to get out of the relationship. Take a minute to get your mind right and decide what you are looking to establish. Thinking about your motives before hand allows you to direct the relationship accordingly. If you’re looking for something more than a sex buddy, be honest! Don’t be afraid to make it known you’re looking for a long-term commitment. Honestly is the key to any relationship!

4.) Be Picky. 

You’re a nice looking person, don’t feel you have to settle for the first person that comes your way. Sort through the options and decide who is really worth your time, energy and affection. Be weary of reoccurring options that may pop up out of thin air. Revisit the reasons why it didn’t work the first time. Based upon previous encounters, decide whether the individual is worth giving another chance. Weighing the pros and cons of the available options will certainly  help with discovering the reals from the fakes.

3.) Take It Nice And Slow.

Take your time! What’s the rush? If you’re truly looking to establish a genuine relationship, take time out to learn about the individual. Allow time for your friendship to develop naturally instead of forcing a relationship  that is not meant to be.

2.) Show Me So I know It’s Real.

Just because it’s cuffing season doesn’t mean you can’t impress your partner with true affection. Don’t be guilty of being a lazy lover. If you’re aiming to establish a special bond, impress your potential partner with the true you! Make time to go out on dates every so often to keep the relationship fresh and new. Prevent the unfortunate circumstance of becoming bored with each other by engaging in new activities.

1.)  On To The Next: Un-Cuffing

Followed these steps but it isn’t exactly working out? That’s fine! Don’t be afraid to let the relationship go if it isn’t owning up to what you expect and deserve. Alleviate unnecessary stress by being honest with yourself and your cuffing partner. Simply let the person know how you’re feeling so you can move on with a clean slate.

Happy Cuffing!

Words by: Taisje Claiborne |Twitter|