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Words by @NickRichGFX

It’s official, the Lebron X’s will retail at $315.  We heard this rumor a couple months ago when the first look of the Lebron X’s were revealed and dreaded this very moment.  Can we take a look back for a second, to 2003, when Lebron was a rookie in the NBA and Nike introduced us to the LeBron James, the Nike Zoom Generation.  The original Lebron James shoe retailed for $110.   Just 10 years later we’re gonna add $205 to that price, when our economy is actually worse?  Who’s to blame for this?


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Can we possibly blame the sneakerheads?  I mean, it is you guys who claim to be “sneakerheads” that wait for 24-48hrs in lines on exclusive release dates only to buy a pair or two, then sell them for 150-200% retail price.  Some of you buy them, then sell them with the “worn once or twice” message in the seller’s notes.  Lebron’s that released for $170 a year ago are going for no less then $280 on eBay, I’m sure Nike sat back and watched this and said, ya know what, let’s just retail them at that price to test the waters.

Check these out, the Lebron X’s worn by Lebron James during the Men’s USA Olympic Gold game with the custom US flag.   I’m sure these would go easily for $750+ on eBay.   Or could it be Nike, realizing the demand for sneakers, and the fact the Lebron James is coming off his Championship, Finals MVP year, that they just may be worth it in the eyes of customers.  If you ask me $170 was ridiculous.   Not to mention the $250 for the “Elite” series that released All-Star weekend. The “Nike Plus” or “Nike+” denotes that Bron Bron’s new shoe comes equipped with Nike+ Pressure Sensor the brand has been touting that tracks motion, allowing users to keep tabs on their performance via stats like vertical leap and quickness. A version of the shoe without the new tech will be about $200.  I have 3 pairs of the Lebron 9’s, and unless someone hands me a $300 gift card to Foot Locker, I won’t have any Lebron X’s.