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For as long as we can remember, Hip-Hop has constantly been on trial for being the reason behind various controversial issues. When kids drops out of school, women are disrespected, and friends and families fall victim to street violence, hip-hop is to blame, right? Wrong. So why is hip-hop such a controversial issue?

The problem is that Lil’ Wayne is not a teacher nor mentor and “The Carter” is not to be substituted as a “Hooked on Phonics,” or any other sufficent learning tool. Also, like any other form of entertainment, music sometimes portrays an image that does not depict the reality of the life and experiences of the entertainers. The artists are simply doing their job by providing music that can be danced to in the club, played in the car, and sold in stores. Artists are not making music with the intention to influence young people to do bad things, that’s ridiculous and hip-hop should not carry the burden of blame for the way in which people react to what they see and hear.

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It is the sole responsibility of the parent/guardian to filter and censor what they do and do not want their children to be exposed to as well as teach their child right from wrong. Too much blame and responsibility is placed everywhere except where it needs to be: in the home.

When all else fails, and things go wrong, people always look to place the blame where no real argument can be made. Because “Hip-Hop” has no real voice, they are a prime target.

Hip-hop is so controversial because it has a seemingly negative influence on young people and sometimes features provocative lyrics; that is the simple answer, but to the wrong question.

Instead of asking why is hip hop so controversial, maybe the real question is: where have we gone wrong in raising generations of young people so easily influenced by entertainment?

words by: @_missmaya

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