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Kanye West must be in love for real…rumor has it that he’s offered Kris Humphries $100k to sign the divorce papers and leave Kim and him alone!

After reports surfaced this week that Kris intended to drag the divorce proceedings out as long as possible, Kanye West has reportedly offered the New Jersey Net 100k to sign the divorce papers, give Kim an easy and amicable divorce and well, just disappear.

Could this have something to do with that pesky reality show Kanye will appear on with the Kardashian klan…?

But according to sources, Kris Humphries, who earned 9M last year from his salary with the Nets, has no interest in Kanye’s offer and still plans to make things difficult for Kim. Kris refuses to sign over the divorce papers due to bitterness and anger, as he feels he was a pawn in Kim Kardashian’s publicity stunt to gain attention for her reality show.

So I wonder if Kanye was serious about getting Jay-Z to drop him from the team…?

I’m lilD, and that’s the Word Eye Heard. It ain’t trickin if you got it…? Is it trickin if it’s done on a hoe…?

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