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For what’s its worth this weekend in Philadelphia sports was pretty Awesome. Even though the Philadelphia Eagles got Quarterback, Mike Vick, Wide Receiver, Jeremy Maclin and Corner back DRC back on the field many Eagles fans that I converse with we’re still skeptical of the birds chances to win against the Dolphins in Miami.

With questions around how our offense would look with the return of Mike Vick and the first time in five games that Vick, DeSean and Maclin would be on the field together there was plenty to worry about. As usual the Eagles offense seemed to get off to a slow start and put the defense in a short field position. And as usual the defense found a way to give up points early and force a struggling offense to play from behind.

You would think we lost the game from how things started off, but the week 14 Eagles have a clear understanding of their position and started to perform like a team that knows it needs to win its remaining games for a shot at the playoffs.

In past weeks the wide nine defense has been the brunt of much of the complaints for everything that has gone wrong. On Sunday the wide nine produced 9 sacks. The defense finished with nine sacks, an interception and 2 fumbles and a safety. not bad for an underachieving bunch.

With the Eagles 26-10 win over the Miami Dolphins we have another week with playoff hopes. Our chances of winning the NFC East would take nothing less than an act of Tebow. Don’t act like you don’t see what’s going on out in Denver, so anything is possible.

words by: @Philly_Ron

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