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You’re scanning for new songs on the radio, and all of a sudden, you here yourself! It’s the million dollar question every unsigned artist wish they knew. “How Do I get my song on the radio?” How does an aspiring artist even go about starting the process of getting their music played on the radio? Unfortunately, the answer isn’t etched in stone and it also tends to change as technology evolves. There is hope for all you young, hungry artist searching for that big break, but the key is successfully marketing yourself on the internet. It’s more than just relationships in this industry. In order for any successful business partnership, each side must feel comfortable with their respectable gains from each partner. In other words, “What do I get out of this deal?” Radio station program directors will ask this very question. “How is playing your music going to help our radio station?”

With the emergence of blog websites, now the music and the artists have the power to control where there fans go. Create a successful fan-base and get your music and fans on radio station websites! Let’s say a radio station website features your music ever week. Throughout the month, you make sure that station site gets constant traffic from your social media followers. Now you have something of importance to leverage next time you have a sit down with your favorite PD :)

Create relationships with managing editors of blog sites and learn to strategically get your content seen on search engines and blog sites. If a radio station has an online editor, or someone who manages content for their websites, that’s the connection you need to make as an artist.

Please don’t get me confused one bit, not all new songs on the radio get there through internet marketing. This is not a blueprint on getting your song or music on the radio, but a simple piece of a self-branding, self-promoting puzzle that artists must understand if they want success in the modern music industry. Combine this with other strategies such as getting your music to DJ’s as well as performing in spotlights around your city.


We are living in the era of “Do-it-yourself,” so grit your teeth and throw yourself in the game. Don’t take anything personal and hold your head high, success is only one opportunity away. The next time you hear new songs on the radio, one of them will be yours!

words by: @Blogzworth

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