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This is going to sound ridiculous, but I choose not to care. Are pastor’s wives allowed to be attractive? I ask because from the time I was a child in church the First Lady was never a good looking woman. She appeared distinguished and elegant, but never attractive.

The subject came up yesterday when I read an article on HelloBeautiful about rumors circulating that “Single Ladies” actress, Lisa Raye, was getting engaged to Pastor Noel Jones. Though Lisa Raye denied any engagement to Pastor Jones, how awkward would it be if the couple did get married and half of his congregation looked for new church homes because of Lisa Raye’s looks and their own insecurities? Think about it, relationships have ended over men having roaming eyes. there isn’t a man on this planet whose eyes weren’t glued to the television when Lisa Raye was in 2pac’s “Toss It Up” video.

I’m not saying Lisa Raye can’t be elegant or carry herself with the grace a pastor’s wife should. She was First Lady of Turks & Caicos for a while. Ladies, be real with me and yourselves could you truly and honestly feel comfortable worshiping next to Diamond from The Player’s Club? Men, how many of you would be checking her out while the morning prayer is in progress? Tell the truth. Don’t worry, we’ll wait for your responses in the comment section.


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