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Have you ever been around two people arguing and after listening in, you say does it really matter. I feel like that’s what’s happening with the current NBA lockout situation. Seriously, NBA players and team Owners, is all this negativity that your bringing to basketball really worth it.

I read an opinion the other day regarding the status of the tech world and it fits neatly into what is happening within the NBA. The article mentioned how computer specs don’t matter anymore and ease of use and quickness to applications like getting to the web are more important.

Fans of the game of basketball really don’t care about the intricacies of the labor agreement between the NBA and the NBA players, all we care about is the game of basketball. NBA players are rich, NBA owners are wealthy and at the end of the day neither side is going to do anything significant enough that could change or affect those roles.

Both sides need to be honest and understand that all the back and forth is preventing both sides from making money. Not only are they not making money but if this labor issue goes to the courts and the courts make the decisions, neither side will be happy. Don’t believe me, just look at parents coming out of family court. I have seen and heard stories of one side thinking they had an advantage only to be upset with what the court decided.

It’s past the time to put egos and leverage aside and get a deal done so we the fans can enjoy the game of basketball again.

words by: @Philly_Ron