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jada pinkett and will smith wedding pictureWhen we first heard the news that Will Smith & Jada Pinkett-Smith broke up, our first reaction was one of shock. How could this happen? These two were the definition of Black love alongside President Obama & Michelle Obama.  But we got to thinking, Will & Jada’s marriage open relationship (though not confirmed) made us feel that these two had a chance, after all they wouldn’t get bored with each other if they were free to step outside the marriage with each other’s permission. So many relationships are ruined by infidelity wouldn’t it be easier to take this off the table from the beginning?

Jada once said in an interview:

We always have people that we’re attracted to that we talk about. That don’t stop just because your married. Somebody’s always gonna catch your eye. That’s real. Somebody’s gonna always be prettier than me, and somebody’s always gonna be more in awe of him than me, and he gonna be like *in Will’s voice* ‘yo she really like me’ (laughter) but as far as somebody being right for us… is there somebody right for a nice night? Maybe. But somebody that can sustain our life and sustain what we’ve built together, absolutely not!

The couple who have been married for 13 years first met in 1995 when she auditioned for the role of Smith’s girlfriend on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” show. She was turned down because she was considered to be too short for the part. Will said that Jada didn’t think he was funny when they first met.

Will said:

“We were together for two years before she even laughed at something I said! She thinks I’m hilarious now, it just took her some time to work into it, but we connected intellectually … We connected intellectually and worked into the comedic side.”

Will proposed to Jada in November 1997, and were married on December 31, 1997. Their secret New Year’s Eve wedding was held in Baltimore at the Cloisters Mansion.

Take a look at the couple throughout their marriage: