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We have watched twins Tia and Tamera Mowry grow from children to adults on TV, but now the two are young women and living separate lives. They are back together on their new reality show “Tia and Tamera” and we finally get to see how they make it all work while being apart. During the taping of their new reality show, Tia was preparing to give birth while Tamera was gearing up to jump the broom.

Tia dishes on the new reality show and how she keeps her marriage of three years to actor Cory Hardict  sexy.

JF (@itsJazzyFBaby): You guys have a new reality show on the Style Network. You and Tamera are together again. How does it feel to be filming together again?

TM: Oh my gosh, it’s so much fun. My sister and I are hilarious. We are crazy together! There’s no other dynamic or chemistry. She can’t have it with her husband. I can’t have it with my husband. She can’t have it with her best friend and I can’t have it with my best friend. It’s just a special dynamic that my sister and I have when we are together. It is HI-LAR-I-OUS! We’re crazy.

Definitely. We definitely know Tia and Tamera can get a little crazy together. [laughs]

TM: [laughs]

How do you guys balance your connection as twin sisters while maintaining your separate lives?

It’s challenging and I think the reason why we remain so close because we keep it a priority. Whenever you keep a priority you definitely make time for it. But there are some sacrifices like I would want my sister to be around more for me while I’m in Atlanta. But she’s a newlywed. It would be selfish of me to ask her to stay with me for two to three weeks while I’m in Atlanta working. She has to spend some time with her husband. She’s not going to be a newlywed forever. she really has to live and play out that role as a new wife and vice versa. I’m sure she would want me to partake in many of the dinners that she has with her new husband. An example is she surprised Adam (Tamera’s husband ) with a birthday party. Unfortunately, Cory and I couldn’t make it because we had to watch the baby. The baby is still breast feeding and he’s still young and can’t go out at night. So she has to understand why we couldn’t be there. But as long as we communicate with each other and don’t take things personal, I think we’ll be cool.

I’ve noticed on this show, you guys have disagreements. We’ve never seen that side because you were doing sitcoms, but how do you guys have disagreements and still bring the love back? How do you not allow those disagreements to come between you two?

I think the main thing is you really have to know that the other person really loves and cares for you. If you don’t then it gets kind of messy. Also, you just have to communicate. I think that’s what Tamera and I are working at. Just because we have disagreements or confrontations doesn’t necessarily mean we don’t love each other. I believe that if you’re in a relationship–whether it’s marital or boyfriend and girlfriend–if everything is all good and hunky dory all the time somebody is lying. You have to be able to say, “No, I don’t like that.” To me, that’s what keeps things healthy. You should be able to disagree, but you should be able to work out those disagreements. Tamera and I are working on that.

You guys are twins, but the two of you have completely different personalities. What is the difference between you and Tamera?

We’re twins and what you guys haven’t been able to see is throughout the years, our personalities have switched. So one moment I can be the sassy one and other times that’s Tamera. I wouldn’t say I’m the sassy one. My sister calls me the diva. But cracking jokes and stuff like that is both of us.

This is your first reality show. What’s the difference between shooting a reality show and shooting sitcoms?

The difference is with a television show it’s about a script. It’s all about remembering lines and it’s also very scheduled. When you’re doing television you know what you’re shooting the day before.You know what your lines are and you know what you’re going to wear and you’re prepared, which makes it easier. In reality, it’s not like that. It’s reality. You don’t know what you’re going to shoot or what’s going to happen. I’m a very organized person so that can be difficult for me. On the other hand, people who have a nine to five job can come home and they’re done. Not with reality. You’re working, but when you come home, cameras are there. I know some people think it’s regular life, but a reality show is still a job. There are ten to twelve people in your house, you have mics on, and two cameramen following you around.

I know you filmed the show while you were pregnant. When women are pregnant they go through mood swings where sometimes you’re happy and other times you’re not. How was it shooting a reality show while being pregnant?

Oh, gosh. [laughs] I was hesitant about doing it because I knew that I was going to see myself in a vulnerable place. I’m still seeing myself in  a vulnerable place. As of my weight, I’m the biggest I’ve ever been and I was the biggest I’ve ever been on television. It’s hard seeing yourself like that. I had to remind myself that I did all of this for my son and I have plenty of time to get the weight off. And I will get this weight off of me because I’m working with my fabulous trainer. It was difficult seeing myself pregnant, but at the same time, I’m happy that I did it because my son will have some documentation of his mom. I miss being pregnant. I really do. It’s a wonderful experience.

Your husband, Cory Hardict, is an actor and you’re an actress. What is life like having a family and both of you guys are in the entertainment business?

For me, it makes everything all better and easier because my husband just booked another movie and he will be shooting in September. I’m going to be filming in Atlanta at that time. So I get it. We both understand at different times we won’t be with the baby. If I wasn’t in a relationship with somebody who understood that, it could bring a little conflict. But Cory and I are so laid back, it’s not even funny. He lets me do me and I let him do him. We are a team and we support each other.

Sometimes, women don’t feel they look their best after giving birth. What advice would you give new moms on how to feel good about themselves?

First of all, women feel the pressure to lose the baby weight immediately. My thing is this: the time you spend working out and trying to lose the weight instantly is the time you should be bonding with your baby. The more time you spend in the gym is more time you’re spending away from your baby. So take your time. Don’t rush and listen to your instincts. Take it a day at a time. If you try to control everything, you’ll go crazy because nothing goes according to plan all the time when a child is involved. Everything is always changing.

Do you have any tips on getting the sexy back in your marriage after having a baby?

I think the main thing is not to neglect your husband. A lot of men feel neglected throughout this time. I would suggest you involve him in the whole process. Another thing is to not be afraid to put on a sexy dress and go out on a dinner date just you and your man spending time with each other. Don’t let your children sleeping in your bed become a habit. If the child is in the bed, they are in the middle and the parents don’t get a chance to hug and be intimate.

Do you take any of your real life marriage experience and put that into your character on The Game?

Oh yes, definitely! I think that’s why I’ve been able to play Melanie the way I have. That’s the reason why I loved this character. I’ve been able to take some inspiration from my relationship and marriage and inject a lot of reality into the character. One thing that I use is when you are married, you can not lose your identity. The challenge is finding the balance between being a good wife and mother and still remaining yourself. Especially with last season, she was all about Derwin. Melanie took cooking lessons and it was all about the legacy. I told the writers of the show I would like to see her be more independent and hopefully we’ll see that next season.

Check out “Tia and Tamera” Monday nights on The Style Network 9pm est.

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