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Single ladies castWhile many of my past “Single Ladies” recaps often poke fun at the pseudo acting and somewhat cheesy story line of the show, while watching this week’s episode, I actually was sucked in. I found myself glued to the tube engulfed in the drama of the lives of Val, Keisha and April.

Once I finally began to block out the annoying lacefronts of Keisha and April, and the ignorant, redundant references to LisaRaye’s assets, I continuously found myself wondering what will happen next. This week’s episode was filled with numerous moments that had us saying “Wait…what the f__?”

Check out the 5 WTF moments from last night’s “Single Ladies”:

5. Val attempts to be every woman during her “man cleanse.” After Keisha and April pointed out that Val hadn’t been perfectly single since the 7th grade, Val made a moral promise to herself to do a “man cleanse.” Unsure of what to do with herself without the aid of a man, Val busies herself with new hobbies like golf and things as ridiculous as attending college parties.

4. Keisha sleeps with the enemy. Keisha and her trainer work up a “black sweat” in every sense of the word in the midst of attempting a work out session. Unfortunately for Keisha, instead of paying attention to putting in “work on her body,” he turned out to be paying more attention to the belongings, that weren’t attached to her body.

3. They go to a college party. While Keisha, April and Val do not look old, they also don’t even almost look college-aged. Picture that. In the midst of a flock of midriff-baring girls, bicep-bulging guys, and a giant beer keg on deck….you look to the left corner of the party and see a set of noticeably older women dressed to the nines in thousand dollar Louboutin’s– it’s just not a good look on their behalf.

2. April’s husband tries to “stick her for her paper.” In previous episodes April’s husband vowed to get her for her trust fund and this week, he made good on his threats by making extravagant purchases and removing her name from their joint account, forcing April to hire herself a lawyer, and a good one at that.

1. Val and Keisha’s apartment is broken into. While Keisha was sleeping with her personal trainer she actually opened their home up to be ransacked and robbed because that’s exactly what happened the moment Keisha let her guard down.

Check out the full episode below:

Have your feelings for the show changed thus far, let me know?

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