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Is 50 Cent trying to pull a Suge Knight by bailing Harlem rap artist Max B out of Jail? Max B  is currently serving a 75 year sentence for a deadly robbery. Earlier today, producer Dame Grease tweeted, 50 Cent got 4 million dollars on deck to bail Max B out of jail. However, DJ Next the CEO of Amalgam Records told XXL that bailing Max B out of jail is not possible,  “There is no bail, you wouldn’t be able to bail him out at this point.” Max B has been in prison since 2009 and Next says Max and 50 Cent have not spoken since. According to DJ Next, Max B has submitted a submission for a letter of appeal and is waiting for a response. Check out DJ Next’s quote below making it clear what label Max B is signed to and how he doesn’t have any knowledge of 50 Cent bailing him out of jail.

“Basically I spoke to Max this morning, I was on the phone with Max and his mom, and Max hasn’t spoken to 50, not regarding this issue,” he continues. “It comes as a surprise to all of us. It’s shocking that a guy as vocal as 50 Cent would have Dame Grease speaking on his behalf. I cant speak for 50, I don’t know if he intends to do what Dame is claiming he’s saying, I’m not sure where it comes from, but I can tell you this: Max is still signed to Amalgam Digital, Amalgam Digital doesn’t know anything about it. Max doesn’t know anything about it. So we’re a lil confused right now, where Dame Grease is getting this from.”

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