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Single LadiesThis week’s episode of VH1’s “Single Ladies” was full of C-average acting skills, pointless sex and all around predictability and unfortunately while I am all in favor of Black TV sitcoms, I will always shun bad TV. And when it comes to VH1’s “Single Ladies” there isn’t any other way around the fact that it is just that, bad TV.

While I struggled through the entire episode and constantly resisted the urge it gave me to go play in traffic I am proud to state the fact that I did it(cues super hero music). I completed the full episode of “Single Ladies” just so I could bring to you the 5 most annoying events of this week’s episode of “Single Ladies,” check it out below:

5. The sub-par acting skills of LisaRaye. LisaRaye’s acting chops have always been less than stellar, but it also doesn’t help that her speaking voice sounds like not only has she been smoking since birth but guzzling warmed rum in a baby bottle as well. This week Keisha (LisaRaye) and her on again off again flame Malcolm, were currently on again as he used his desire to do business with Val (Stacey Dash) as a ploy to get closer to Val. That, I have no problem with. That’s actually a pretty solid story line, however, all of that went out the window as the moment LisaRaye opened her mouth to deliver her lines it was reminiscent of a 3rd grader delivering their lines in their elementary school play. Word for the wise Lisaraye, when the director yells “CUT,” you are supposed to read your lines. Not spit them. Just because you deliver a line with force, doesn’t mean you’ve delivered a powerful acting performance.

4. Stacey Dash can’t stand on her own in one episode. Like every week, VH1 wasted another unnecessary actor. What do I mean by that you ask? In nearly every episode Dash is linked to 1 or more men, the annoying thing about this however, is that it’s a waste of an actor because they are never a consistent factor in the show. This time, in an attempt to Dash to actually be “single” in this episode, she feigned disinterest in possibly the one guy that could’ve actually treated her right and actually had the desire to get to know her for who was and not just for her sex. Smart move “Val.” Real smart.

3. The failed attempt at this being the black “Sex And The City.” Um, while I understand there is a lacking of “sisterhood” shows in black television, everything doesn’t have to take a following to “Sex And The City.” If it does, it can’t be on basic cable and it damn sure needs better acting. While this has never really been a declared statement, this is the direction I feel like the show is trying to take, for example: You’ve got the “Samantha” and that is the friend that does h*o ish and will pretty much always do h*e ish and everyone has a general understanding of that, which is Val. You have Keisha that is sort of a combination of “Miranda” and “Carrie”in the sense that she’s the friend that does not and will not be up for the BS but she also has a constant flame in her life that most likely will be on the back burner through the midst of each and every fling. Then you have the “Charlotte” which is the somewhat conservative friend that is slightly dingy that does her fair share of sleeping around as well, which would be April.

2. Charity Shea and LisaRaye’s lace front fright. (In my Florida Evans voice) Damn…Damn…Dayum! In the midst of struggling through the show to do this post, I also struggled with resisting the urge to put my hand through the computer screen to snatch them dayum wigs! The fact that their hair skips the entire hairline part of a person’s hair and immediately flows into the thickest parts of a person’s hair bugs me to no end.

1. The awkward moment when Val’s intern Kristina Keeps getting caught having sex in crazy places. Sex is one of those things that only makes sense, in instances when it only makes sense. There is just no way around it. While I’m no prude, sex is also one of those things that makes you super uncomfortable when it’s happening in overkill. So when Kristina gets repeatedly gets caught spreading love, first in Val’s store and second in the car. I’m not complaining about the numerous occurrences of sex in the show, I’m just saying, it doesn’t work when its aimlessly being shoved down your throat while lacking in substance.

Watch the full episode below if you care, oh you care. I just know it.

Your thoughts?

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