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The Urban Daily sports blogger Jamiyl Samuels aims to show Black fathers in a positive light with his upcoming book.
“Pass The Torch: How A Young Black Father Challenges the ‘Deadbeat Dad’ Stereotype” tackles the hot-button issue of fatherhood in the Black community and the affect the lack of a father figure has on young Black males. Disturbed by the negative and stereotypical portrayal of young Black fathers in the media, Samuels speaks from his own personal experiences growing up without a father and draws a parallel to the equally criticized world of Hip Hop whose artists mostly came from broken homes, but rose from their rough upbringing to break the cycle of abandonment with their own children. 

“Pass The Torch” praises Black fathers who do right by their children and offers a fresh perspective on a controversial issue.
“Pass The Torch” will be released through Samuels’ own W.R.E.a.C Havoc Publishing imprint via and in the near future.
Preview Chapter 1 here:
Preview Chapter 7 here: excerpt: