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With all of the hoopla over the impending rapture tomorrow it was nice to come across someone speaking about religion in a way that the common person can relate to. Mike Bigga (formerly Killer Mike) released his latest album PL3DGE on Tuesday and it definitely earns a slot in our “Best Albums of 2011..So far” list. One song in particular that stands out to me is “God Is In The Building 2”, the follow up to “God Is In The Building” from I Pledge Allegiance To The Grind 2. While the entire song is rewind worthy the first verse is timely given the trending topic of the day.

It’s hot like Haiti down in Hades/

The false prophet say the Lord has forsaken us Black babies/

To make it off a island in Mercedes/

We gone sell it white as Michelangelo’s Christ/ babies need rice

The baby need beans/ to feed our babies beans we might have to flip a bean

I have sold my people dope/ yet provided them with hope/sinner and  saint/ Yeah, I did ’em both

Yea I sold a brick/ on a basketball court/ and bought the uniforms for the basketball coach

Can’t wash a way the blood so I put rings on my fingers/  25 carats symbolize my redeemer

And my redeemer’s blood is/ capable of taking Chris Dudus making him a savior of others

My God will take a Sual (and) Fashion (Form) him a Pual/ so only God can judge me/  and to hell with all ya’ll.

Take a listen, read the lyrics and hopefully if we’re all still alive on Monday go and cop his album.