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Ted Williams - The Man With The Golden VoiceRemember Ted Williams, the man with the “Golden Voice”?  Williams is headed back to rehab after walking out of a rehabilitation program earlier this year.

Williams rose to fame after a video of him was posted to the Internet showing the formerly homeless man showing off his immaculate speaking voice to a motorist.  Williams quickly became the talk of the Internet when he began receiving offers for voiceover work based solely on that video.

Williams fell on hard times due to substance abuse problems and attempted to complete a rehab program at Origins Recovery Center in Texas.  Williams returned to Origins today, according to his manager.

Williams’ manager says he’s giving rehab another shot in order to “get his strength back” and to get a “solid foundation in a 12-step program.”

Williams’ planned reality show and book deal have been put on hold until he completes the program.

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