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According to The Brooklyn Eagle newspaper, Rockness Monsta or Rock from Helta Skeltah is currently on trial for attempted murder.

Rock, who is known for his work with Sean Price and the Fab Five allegedly shot a pimp who was also a member of the Bloods gang.

The Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office charged that in January 2008,  Rock (ne Jamal Bush) shot a Bloods gang member who was also known as a pimp in the neck, paralyzing him, due to a dispute over a prostitute.

Rock was released after posting $125,000 bond. Rock’s manager Ben Aubin  has denied that Rock was moonlighting as a pimp.

As a member of the Boot Camp Click Rock released two albums with Helta Skeltah member Sean Price  Nocturnal and Magnum Force. He eventually left to pursue a solo career.

Helta Skeltah “Therapy”

In 2010  he released a freestyle over Snoop’s “I Wanna Rock” instrumental: