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Keyshia Cole’s mama Frankie is still doing the most. She dished on her relationship with her daughter, rumors that she was going to “Celebrity Rehab” and her drink of choice:

On her relationship with Keyshia:

“I was talking to Monica and she had mentioned Keyshia’s name and I had just got emotional because I really had missed her because we was going through something, but were okay. We’re back on point, talked to her yesterday.”

Rumors that she’s headed to “Celebrity Rehab”:

“Absolutely. That’s cause I had really started overdoing it with my drinking. It’s really taking its toll because sometimes I wake up and don’t remember nothing. Basically I’m hiding stuff from myself and that means that I need help.”

Frankie’s drink of choice?:

“Hennessy. If I had it like the rest of the celebrities had it, I’d be drinking Louie the 13th. Shout out to Louie!”

When did she know she needed help?:

“Last month. Well, I’ve been in denial. I thought I was drinking socially until I woke up and didn’t realize where I was. Sometimes I feel like I know I’ve got it under control, but that’s just the devil.”

I’m glad Frankie is taking steps in the right direction. But I’m mad she JUST realized a month ago she had a problem though, lol, I guess better late than never!