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Mom, wife, entrepreneur and model, Kimora Lee is the epitome of a strong woman. Her reputation precedes her; some may know her as a diva, but others have realized that Kimora is just as sweet as the fragrances her fashion line, KLS, puts out.

Since parting ways with Baby Phat last August, Kimora has shifted her full attention to KLS. KLS provides women with perfumes, upscale clothing and everything in between. In our intimate interview with Kimora she explains what “fabulosity” is, how to attain and maintain it; being addicted to Twitter, being labeled a diva, teaching her youngest child, Kenzo, how to be a man, and life with her husband, Academy-Award nominated actor Djimon Hounsou. Kimora is also in her fourth season of her reality TV series Life In The Fab Lane where her ability to balance being a good wife and mother and run an empire is on full display.

What is “fabulosity” to Kimora?

Fabulosity is a state of all things fabulous. It’s living in a state where you recognize and focus on things like self-respect and self-restraint; looking at a higher version of yourself, and the world on a higher note.

How does one attain fabulosity?

It’s a lifestyle; you can attain it by striving to be the best person you can be. Its being a working mother, it’s doing this television show, its running a fashion empire. All people who follow me, look up to, or are inspired by me live similar lives. They are trying to live the best version of their life. We juggle families, bills, responsibilities and living in a recession. It’s really how we work our way through that that puts us in that fabulous state.

Do you reply to all of your followers on Twitter yourself?

OMG I’m addicted to Twitter! Not all of them but I try. It is me! I go on, I check I read. I reply. I definitely put my stuff out there.

Do you find it odd that people call you a diva?

It’s so weird, sometimes on Twitter I search for my name, so if someone says your name it will pop up on this page. I was looking at that and sometimes people just say crazy stuff and it’s mean and I don’t know why. I want to sometimes ask them why, but I don’t want to get into it back and forth on Twitter. Sometimes I want to say “Why did you say that” or “What do you mean?” Or really ask you “What did you see to make you say that?” but I just leave it alone. I don’t really get upset by it. The mouth is like a 2-hole and all types of sh*t comes out of it! There could be a definition by which I am a diva that could be a highly empowered bad a** female of color. In that case then I am one and everyone should strive to be one!

kimore lee ans djimonHow is Djimon?

He’s lovely, we’re very happy, I’m blessed and I don’t mean that in a cliché kind of way. My personal life is very easy. We’re calm and good at home. My kids are straight “A” students.

Do your ex-husband, Russell Simmons, and Djimon speak?

They get along very well.

What is one thing you are going to tell baby Kenzo when he gets older from a woman’s perspective?

Self-respect– to respect himself is to respect his family, his mother and you are to respect the next woman, be kind, don’t be a liar,be accountable. This is a state for being fabulous—the coed side. I want him to be like his dad: cool, laid back, manly, sophisticated and smart, compassionate, warm and sweet!

Watch Life In The Fab Lane on the STYLE network at 9pm—Sunday nights.

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