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Inspiring new hip hop cousins Ra Capone and Shay Swinga are on an inspiring journey, to bring life back to music with their new single, “Next First Kiss” off their BIG BOY MUSIC album on January 11th, 2011 at all major music downloading portals ( iTunes and

With not even one celebrity endorsement or official record deal, the fan base for this groups official project has been tremendous! All songs on the album are written and produced by both, for the exception of Losing My Religion and Let’s Make a Baby, which were produced by Derek “D.O.A.” Allen (who also produced hit records for such artists as Tyrese, Dave Hollister, Slim [of 112] and Bobby Brown).

Since the age of 14 Ra Capone and Shay Swinga, native New Yorkers, would experiment with beat-making and mixing in the basement of Swinga’s house, where they honed their production skills. “It’s an art form that just pulls you in and makes you want more” Swinga says, “What level can an artist reach with their project? I’d think to myself… That’s what makes it so unique.  There’s no right or wrong answer.  It’s just about what you feel and when you love what you do, it shows in everything you do.” I say Indeed to that!

While they appreciate how the culture has evolved, they believe hip-hop lacks the essence that it was built on. “Now it’s turned into a look how much money I have game” says Capone; “No one really talks about anything of importance anymore”.

Ra Capone and Shay Swinga say they are returning to the music, what it gave to them…”life”. This goodlook comes courtesey of the wonderful folks at Hana & Associates

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