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Can Hip-Hop evolve any more????????? Do emcees still have something to say???????? This five member crew out of Columbus, Ohio screams Yes, we have to! Rashad, Pa.Flex, Co City, Shakes and Blaksmif, also known as The 3rd, has been a work in progress since they met in middle school. But like P.A. says, something so special takes time to germinate. Supa Soul music is what they make, and all they do is Elevate. With influences from The roots, Outkast to Stevie Wonder, The 3rd (pronounced three-are-dee) is indeed the future of music.

Columbus, Ohio is not just located in the middle of the country, it is truly The Heart of it All. The capital city is a melting pot of every culture that you can imagine. This explains why The 3rd can’t fit their music into a box. Supa Soul Music is what they make, and all they do is Elevate. By saying that we make Elevator Music, Rashad boasts, we put pressure on ourselves to create great art. Every song is better than the last. Co And Shakes agree, it gives us something to aim at. In this Godless age of music, it’s reassuring to see some up and comers wanting to add to the culture.

Next up for The 3rd is a classic LP entitled 1979. With songs like Marlee, Escalade, Hip-Hop (pt.1&2), it is beyond evident that the next level has been got. When our album is released, Rashad predicts, the whole music world will stop and look, not just hip-hoppers!

Music as we know it is about to change. Elevator Music and The 3rd have the missing link to the chain that brings us all together. When we get to the next floor, you should always expect more, Blaksmif explains. That is the motto we live by. Get ready for a new day. Supa soul music is what they make, and all they do is Elevate. NEXT FLOOR, EXPECT MORE!!

1979 was a long time ago. But ever since that time we have heard every kind of flow. Some will stay, some will go, but what you should know?? The test of times are written just so we can grow. From bible scriptures to the life that we live everyday, The 3rd is the voice of the people that get pushed away. From back streets to big stages, battle tested and war ready.

The 3RD “Escalade” from Palestra Creative on Vimeo.