Everyday a star is born, but depending on the birth state of that star, odds are they could become a celebrity quicker than they imagine!

  According to reports, Miramax acquired the rights to the film in June 2016, and director Kevin MacDonald is now preparing for its international release. On July 6th, the Whitney documentary will be released in the U.S as well as Ireland and the UK. The film will include never-before-seen home movies, unreleased recordings, acapellas and much more. This […]

Nick Gordon has had a difficult couple of years following the death of his fiancée Bobbi Kristina Brown.

It's been almost five years since Whitney Houston passed away, but the guilt of her death still haunts Ray J.

R&B great Johnny Gill was hanging out with Ed Lover & Monie Love in-studio! He explains the promise he made to Whitney Houston years ago- which she brought up every single time they saw each other -that he plans to follow through on in honor of her. Johnny also talks about his passion off the […]

Whatever the underlying problem is, Brandy ain't playin'. Check out her latest comment above.

Over the weekend, Madonna was honored at Billboard’s Women In Music award ceremony. In her acceptance speech, she got very blunt, forcing the audience before her to confront the biases she has had to overcome in order to achieve the many successes she has achieved over her long career. While the speech delivered a very […]

The world looked on, helpless and shocked, when daughter to Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, Bobbi Kristina Brown, passed away suddenly. Her death was eerily similar to the way her mother passed 3 years earlier. Since then, the Houston and Brown families have been struggling to get to the bottom of the circumstances surrounding her […]

Music, across all genres, has always provided a supply of powerful female anthems, the kind that make you turn the music all the way up and sing at the top of your lungs. Whether they deal with the subject of break-ups, friendships, motherhood, or just plain women’s empowerment, there are tons of songs out there […]

Ariana Grande owned the stage during the season finale of ABC's Greatest Hits.