Washington DC police arrested a Texas man outside the home of Vice President Kamala Harris. According to, police responded to reports of a suspicious person around noon. Secret Service officers stopped 31-year-old Paul Murray, outside of the Naval Observatory. Murray was on police radar for some time, as an region-wide intelligence bulletin was publicized […]

David Banner was so fed up with a bouncer at Ozio Restaurant & Lounge in Washington, D.C. that the incident almost came to blows—and ended with him in handcuffs. According to reports, the rapper/activist was arrested during the early hours of Sunday morning following a verbal stand-off with the club. It started after someone in Banner’s crew […]

Watch as Drake drops thousands of dollars on the ground in rage, but no worries somebody picks it up lol

Multiple people have been reportedly shot at the Navy Yard in Southeast Washington. Eight are dead, according to WJLA 7. Two of the victims are reportedly police officers. One shooter is confirmed dead. Another shooter is reportedly still at large. Six schools in the Navy Yard area have been locked down. Outbound flights at Reagan […]

Chuck Brown has influenced other go-go bands such as Big G and The Backyard Band, Rare Essence, Experience Unlimited (EU), Little Benny and the Masters, and Trouble Funk. Brown’s musical career began in the 1960s playing guitar with Jerry Butler and The Earls of Rhythm, joining Los Latinos in 1965. He still performs music today […]