Ed Lover asks listeners which 5 rappers they think of and go, "where they at?!"

As we acquire Christmas gifts over the years, we’re bound to a get a thing or two that we’re not particularly interested in. Ed Lover asks everyone to recall the worst Christmas gifts they’ve ever gotten, whether it was from beloved family members or an organized office secret Santa. Check out this exclusive audio player […]

The holiday season means that families are gathering in kitchens and dining rooms across the country for catching up and conversation over delicious foods. Usually, different family members are in charge of different dishes, if one person alone isn’t responsible for the evening’s menu. While dinner is important, everybody always remembers yearning for their favorite […]

At the “Fences” premiere, Ed Lover got the chance to catch up with Denzel Washington and his lovely wife, Pauletta on the red carpet. Being that Denzel is from New York, Ed had to ask him this most important question: who are his top 5 rappers from New York? Denzel breaks it down, naming his […]

There are enough street harassers out there for every woman at least to have five pretty bad pick-up lines tucked away in their back pocket. In this edition of the Certified Top 5, Krysta and Monie Love reveal the worst and cheesiest pick-up lines that have ever been fired at them on the street. Krysta […]

In honor of the birthday of the legendary Prince, who we lost very recently, and much too soon, the world celebrates Purple Prince Tuesday. At The Ed Lover Show, Monie Love chats with listeners about their top 5 favorite Prince songs of all time! Of course, people’s responses contained the expected; “Purple Rain” and “When […]

The Ed Lover Show cast has a good laugh at this hilarious two-in-one top 5. In her best and truest Jamaican Patois, Monie Love details 5 things a Jamaican woman keeps in purse with side-splitting accuracy. Then, Big City delivers his hilarious list of 5 things a country woman keeps in her purse. Both lists have everyone in […]

Sneaker culture is no joke; fans are known to wait online outside of stores overnight for shoes they really want. But while there are a lot popular sneaker collaborations that come from our favorite celebrities and brands, there are even more sneaker lines that launch only for everybody to realize that nobody has any interest in them. Some […]

If you’re a human in the 21st century, chances are you’ve been hit by the reality TV show bug in some way, shape or form. From “Love & Hip Hop“ to “Man vs. Food,” there’s a reality tv show out there for everyone. Check out this exclusive clip of everyone’s top 5 best reality TV shows […]

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In this edition of the Certified Top 5, the Ed Lover Show cast is debating their top 5 favorite posse cuts of all time. A posse cut, for those who don’t know, is a hip-hop song that features successive verses by four or more rappers. Click on the audio player to hear the exciting discussion in this […]

While social media can be fun, there are always those people who make you roll your eyes at the internet generation. Click on the audio…

What are the best horror movies of all time? Click on the audio player above to hear the cast of The Ed Lover Show‘s discussion in…