Seems to be “Top 10 List” season for the music publication. Billboard has created another list and this one is about the producers of hip…

The Neptunes are known for their signature sound and working with some of the top hip hop artists in the game. The hit making production team has been making us dance since the early 90s. Word is, Pharrell Williams wrote Teddy Riley’s verses on “Rump Shaker.”  There were rumors of The Neptunes actually producing the […]

Pharrell Williams, one-half of The Neptunes production team, celebrates his 38th birthday today.  Pharrell may have only fully been part of the mainstream music consciousness for the last 10 years, but he’s been hard at work for nearly 20 years. Take a look back at some of Pharrell’s early work!

During a recent performance in Las Vegas, Pharrell raised eyebrows among some concertgoers by doing what appeared to be the Nazi march, complete with “Heil Hitler” salute during a performance of the N*E*R*D song “Spaz.”

N*E*R*D’s new album, Nothing, hit stores today.

This official yet unofficial video for N*E*R*D's "Help Me" features lots of historical film clips of some not-so-great moments in human history.

Listen to N*E*R*D "Nothing On You" from their forthcoming album "Nothing," in stores November 2nd.

N*E*R*D debuted "Hypnotize U" recently on Late Night With David Letterman with a performance that we're certain inspired Kanye West's recent performance of "Power" on Saturday Night Live

Pharrell & company debuted a brand new N*E*R*D song on "Late Show with David Letterman" last night.

We’ve been running N*E*R*D’s “Hot & Fun” into the ground since it dropped awhile back. Now we’ve got two more jams to keep us at bay until N*E*R*D’s fourth album, Nothing, drops later this year. Check out “Party People” and “Help Me” Check out our exclusive interview with Pharrell & Shay of N*E*R*D RELATED: Oprah […]

While Kenna Zemedkun – better known simply by his stage name of Kenna – has an international background that spans from Ethiopia to England, but his real musical birthplace is in Virginia Beach.