Big Boi has gotten himself in hot water with Black Twitter. The rapper made himself a trending topic on Twitter after sharing a meme comparing mothers in the 1970’s to mothers today. In the photo, “Florida Evans” from Good Times is on the left and an unidentified young woman in a thong in a bathroom in front of a […]

While Solange was tweeting about the annoying fake artsy famous people at this year's Met Gala, Demi Lovato found herself sitting under Nicki Minaj's shade tree.

Prince was basically exploding with talent. But did you know his expertise went beyond music and fashion?

50 Cent holds his tongue for NO ONE!! He will let you know in a heartbeat, if there’s beef! Check out his latest video taking shots at Diddy “Puff Daddy, or whatever he is calling himself these days! It’s more funny than serious if you ask me… but I’ll let you be the judge!   […]

Fans are accusing Jennifer Hudson of shading Lupita Nyong’o‘s Oscar win from the other night. According to Vlad TV, shortly after Lupita accepted her Academy…

This is why you have to watch what you tweet, you never know where life takes you. Here are some screenshots of some throwback hate.

  There are lots of opinions swirling around the internets on this one! While the message seems perfectly congratulatory on the surface, the subsequent Tweets…

Although they have taken “direct” jabs at each other. One might assume that Chris Brown’s exes are still at odds with one another. This became evident when Rihanna took (another) subliminal shot at Karrueche. Now, Rihanna recently performed at the 2012 Victoria Secret Fashion show and decided to share a backstage photo of herself with […]