Instagram is testing out hiding the amount of likes that someone has on their post. The person would be able to view everyone that liked their post, but would have to count them manually. The social media website wants users to post based on their feelings and not by how many likes they receive. Researchers […]

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  Ms. Lauryn Hill reminded many as to why they fell in love with her yesterday when she posted a piece on her tumblr page regarding…

This is why you have to watch what you tweet, you never know where life takes you. Here are some screenshots of some throwback hate.

Lil B has made time magazine. While many may consider Lil B untalented in the relm of music, one thing is for sure, his twitter feed is hilarious. TIME Magazine reaffirmed this with their new “140 Best Twitter Feeds Of 2013,” in which Lil B is placed among 10 other celebrities. Rapper Lil B was […]