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Lil B has made time magazine. While many may consider Lil B untalented in the relm of music, one thing is for sure, his twitter feed is hilarious. TIME Magazine reaffirmed this with their new “140 Best Twitter Feeds Of 2013,” in which Lil B is placed among 10 other celebrities. Rapper Lil B was excited and posted on his Tumblr page “THANK YOU TO TIME MAGAZINE FOR GIVING LIL B ONE OF TOP CELEBRITY TWITTERS!! OF 2013!! ONLY 11 PEOPLE WERE PICKED!! THIS IS TIME MAGAZINE!!”

Lil B joined other entertainers on the list like Philly’s own Questlove, Samuel L. Jackson, Rashida Jones, Solange Knowles, Lena Dunham, Josh Groban, and a few others. Out of 140 people highlighted only 10 were celebrities.