Program Director Mark McCray talks to Ed Lover about the aftermath of the shooting of several police officers and five that were murdered. McCray explains the tragedy that happened last night during a peaceful protest and that they never thought something like this would happen. He also told Ed Lover this happened at the end […]

On Thursday night, the rapper took to his TIDAL streaming service and shared a message with his fans inspired by the disheartening events.

The R&B bad boy had an unusually fun encounter with Amsterdam police, who busted him for riding dirty.

The "Back To Sleep" singer pissed his neighbors off recently when he and his homies decided to drive their ATVs through Chris' residential San Fernando Valley neighborhood.

It seems these days, rapper DMX can't stay on the straight and narrow path

Today is Flava Flav‘s birthday! Reminiscent on March 16, we’re taken back a few years ago when music videos were like mini movies. Check out this one by Public Enemy that still seems to resonate today: “Fight the Power.” Press play below… SEE ALSO: Soul Train Awards 2014: Flavor Flav Shouts Out Bmore [Video] Flavor […]

While police officers around the country have vowed to boycott Beyonce's tour stops after her controversial "Formation" video, Minister Farrakhan has offered up the Nation of Islam's services to make up for it.

Dr. Imani Perry says she was unfairly arrested and handcuffed to a table for one unpaid parking ticket.

If you thought the "Hotline Bling" parodies were left in 2015, you were wrong.