In the 'City of Brotherly Love', these brothers loved each other, but not the ironic fate that led to this coincidental encounter. 

Local News

Philadelphia police aims to overprotect the businesses and communities of it’s Asian-American citizens, amid the terrorist act that took place last night in Atlanta. Police arrested 21 year old, Robert Aaron Long, who was taken into custody in mint condition, after claiming the lives of eight Georgia residents in a matter of hours. Entering three […]

from: A Vigil for the victims who were killed in a deadly hit-and-run carjacking last week, will be held at 6 p.m. at Germantown and Allegheny avenues. Two men who caused this horrific accident have been taken into custody and charged in the carjacking and crash. NBA legend and former Philadelphia 76er Charles Barkley is offering to […]

According to MyFoxPhilly, Police have questioned two men who could be connected to a carjacking crash that killed three children on Friday. The men carjacked a real estate agent at Gunpoint, forced her in the backseat of the car, then crashed into a fruit stand, killing the three children.

Imagine being stopped by Philadelphia police because they thought you committed a crime. After they arrest you, they put on in the back of the police car, poke you with a needle, and collect your blood in order to store your DNA on file.  (Kinda scary huh) Pennsylvania’s House Judiciary Committee are mulling over a […]

A disturbing youtube video has surface revealing that the Philadelphia Police department has learned nothing from NYC’s horrible stop & frisk situation. In the video Two Philly police officers roll up on a man and his friend who happened to pull his phone out and start recording. The 16 minute video gives on an inside […]

Another life of a Philadelphia teenager was tragically lost last week after a boy shot his friend 10 times over a stolen playstation 3. The shooting occurred after one of the young boy’s stole a playstation console from another childhood friend. His friend then shot him in the head multiple times because wasn’t included in […]

Philadelphia Police are investigating the murder or Popular South Philly DJ, DJ Fenixc. According to authorities, Two men, wearing masks approached the victim after he had just finished working at a popular night club on South Street. The men allegedly tried to rob  DJ Fenixc at the Haagen Dazs Ice Cream shop on the 200 block of South Street, before shooting […]

A woman and her boyfriend were arrested Tuesday morning after stealing a police care in Camden, NJ, then leading police on a high speed chase that ended in the Fishtown section of Philadelphia. According to Police the woman stole the police cruiser with her boyfriend in the backseat. Officiers say it all bean with a routine traffic […]

Police are investigating a video from the  Puerto Rican Day Parade, which shows a Philadelphia police officer punching a woman in the face during for a reason unknown. The video, which was uploaded to youtube on Sunday Sept 30th, shows a number of police officers standing around a vehicle, when a woman appears from the left of […]

Philadelphia police are still in search of a man they call the Chinatown Groper, who is accused of groping a young girl and a young woman. According to authorities, the man grabbed the buttocks of a woman and a 12-year-old girl walking home from the Chinatown Learning Center. One of the incidents was caught on tape by […]

Philadelphia Police have released video of a stabbing outside a Northeast Philadelphia U-Haul store in hopes that someone will come forward with information. The stabbing took place on March 2nd at the 7700 block of Roosevelt Boulevard. Authorities say two men began to argue in the front of U-Haul when began to stab the victim […]