Ilyasah Shabazz remembers what her father, Malcolm X, was like.

RL & Terri J. Vaughn came to hang with Ed Lover & Monie Love on the 1-year anniversary of the show!

Fierce MC Rah Digga talks with Monie Love & Ed Lover about the shift that occurred when Lil Kim and Foxy Brown broke onto the hip hop scene; both of their lyrics were written for them by prominent rappers, and their images were was more sexed up than the female rappers before them. Rah talks […]

While Janelle Monae and Pharrell were hanging out and talking about their film, “Hidden Figures” with Ed Lover & Monie Love, Pharrell took some time to break some things down for them. He explained to Ed how important “Yo MTV Raps” was for kids like him who rushed home after school to catch it on […]

Ed Lover and Monie Love are left to their own devices on a Beenie Man track, so of course they are doing what they do best- remixing the song entirely. When it’s time for Monie Love to spit some fire- in her absolutely flawless Jamaican Patois, of course -even Ed Lover has to take a […]

Ed Lover and Monie Love have a knack for free-styling hilarious remixes of great hip-hop songs. This time, Ed got candid about over-eating habits in a hilarious detailing of his difficulties restraining from chowing down on just about everything in sight. While Monie and the rest of the cast held down the background vocals, Ed […]

Donald Trump has wrecked havoc on an already chaotic nation with his presidential campaign. In his speeches and press conferences, he has managed to please his largely racist and ignorant supporters by offending just about everyone else. His latest scandal, however, is not just his self-determined exception from paying taxes, but also his declaration that […]

In this edition of the Certified Top 5, Ed Lover, Monie Love & the rest of the cast discuss the rappers who got big and suddenly fell off. Monie contributes to this one reluctantly, especially after the messages she says she got on Instagram when they talked about one-hit-wonders. Before the conversation really takes off, […]

Monie Love is a full-on Jamaican woman, and she likes to slip into patois every now and again. She does this especially when the Ed Lover Show plays reggae or dancehall, and poor Big City just can’t understand what the singer or rapper on the song is saying. Monie is kind enough to translate so […]

Monie Love excitedly shares research on why her boobs have changed so much throughout her lifetime. After struggling with various changes in the size of her bosoms, especially in her 40s, she was confused about why the changes continued to occur even after having kids. She enlightens all the men in the room with her […]

The king of dance-hall himself, Beenie Man, got the chance to talk with Ed Lover & Monie Love. He talks about his new album, due out on August 26th. He also reveals that status of his Zika Virus diagnosis, and how he felt when it prevented him from performing at OVO Fest. Beenie also talks […]

After Monie Love returned from her trip to Philadelphia, Ed Lover laments about the fact that she didn’t bring him a Philly Cheesestake, or even a “Rocky” poster. This divulges into a discussion about the legendary Rocky movie, with its countless sequels spanning almost four decades. Of course, as with any long-winded film series, you’re […]