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We all struggle when it comes to saving money.

While some may struggle more than others, the fact is being financially responsible isn’t always easy when dealing with battling daily spending habits.

Money management can even seem like learning a foreign language to those who come from a long history of debt.

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However, learning how to save doesn’t have to be difficult.

Financial education specialist and founder of Well Kept Money, Nisiar Smith, gives tips on how to increase your savings for the year 2020!

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Smith gives back to his community through his organization called Philly Phinancial Literacy Week – an annual week-long event geared towards teaching financial literacy to underserved communities.

The 24-year-old financial advisor says that one major way to maximize your money with little effort is by automating your savings.

“Instead of relying on yourself to save funds, get the money out of your checking account before you can spend it. Set up a recurring automated transfer to take place each time you get paid.”

Automated transfers send a percentage of your money to a savings account of your choice.

Smith says another way to increase your savings by putting your money in a high-yield savings account.

“If you have $5000 in an account that earns the average interest rate, you’ll earn a few bucks after a year. But if you that same amount into an account with a two percent interest, you would earn nearly $100 more.”

The interest rate offered at most brick-and-mortar banks is less than one percent. By putting your funds in a high-yield account, you can earn 20 times more.

For more tips from on how to save and more, check out Smith below in this week’s episode of Twenty-Something. Also, follow him on Instagram @nisiarsmith.