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While the rest of the country prepares for the terrifying reality of Donald Trump‘s America, President Barack Obama is celebrating all that he, and his administration, have achieved over the last 8 years. On Friday night, Obama hosted a farewell party at the White House, inviting some of his now longtime celebrity pals. Amongst those in attendance were John […]

President Barack Obama is leaving the White House in the only way he can: Absolute grace and style.

Magic Johnson’s son E.J. is just a warm and fuzzy bundle of Chanel goodness. The flamboyant reality star debuted his larger than life personality on…

September is National Leukemia and Lymphoma Awareness month. That is fact. But contrary to the cruel hoax article circulating that plays on the fears and…

As if Donald Sterling hasn’t said enough….he continues to talk with CNN’s Anderson Cooper. In a 2-part interview Donald Sterling had this to say:- LIKE Us On Facebook HOT 107.9 Philly “What kind of guy goes to ever City and has sex with every girl and then he catches HIV?” “Is that someone we respect […]

The comments continue to roll in. Of course everyone was waiting to hear what Magic Johnson had to say since he was at the center of the controversy. Donald Sterling’s girlfriend took a photo with Magic and posted it on her Instagram and this was the catalyst that set off Old Man Sterling. Watch his […]

  You know when breaking sports news hits we always want to know Stephen A. Smith’s point of view. Watch his views below   RELATED STORIES  Clippers Make Silent Protest Against Racist Owner Celebrities React To LA Clipper Owner Donald Sterling

You know what they say….there is always a little truth in jokes and Nick Cannon might be on to something. By now you may have heard about the 9 minute racist rant from LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling. If you have not heard it then click here. Here are some highlights from his rant recorded by […]