Amber Rose promotes her slut walk, and explains why feminism is necessary to Larry King.

Larry King had Nipsey Hussle on his panel to chat about who could use the N-Word. “I do think we are improving,” he said. “I do think there is a big difference between the word “n***er” with the intent to be a racial slur, when you say ‘You n****r’ or ‘Get those n****rs out of […]

Actor Wesley Snipes talks to CNN’s Larry King about how the media has misreported facts about his case. Snipes has been sentenced to three years in prison for not paying taxes and reports to jail on Thursday. “I would say that I relied on the advice of those who I consider professionals,” Wesley Snipes told […]

LeBron talks to Larry King about growing up in the projects without a father, his love for his mother, Michael Jordan, the Chicago Bulls and more.

Did you miss T.I.'s 3-part interview on CNN last night? Don't sweat it--we have the video of the King on "Larry King Live" right here.

T.I. will sit down with CNN’s Larry King for his first television interview since completing a 366-day prison stint on federal weapons charges in March.