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Larry King had Nipsey Hussle on his panel to chat about who could use the N-Word. “I do think we are improving,” he said. “I do think there is a big difference between the word “n***er” with the intent to be a racial slur, when you say ‘You n****r’ or ‘Get those n****rs out of here, that’s very offensive and no one here is going to take the stance and say that it isn’t. ” Most of Hussle’s comments would go along with a few people I know, especially when he comments about growing up & using the word. “We grew up in an area where you say ‘that’s my n***a, that’s my homeboy, it was before us it was the language. When we would come outside that was what we experienced. You hear words and learn what they mean and we weren’t offended by it because of the intention.”