Get On Up!  Is the name of the new James Brown biopic set to hit theaters in early August.  Now of course we are already curious because most of us dont know the story of the Godfather of Soul.  But let me tell you that if that doesn’t peak your curiosity the cast definitely will! […]

Russell Simmons has rekindled his relationship with HBO and has partnered up with “Boyz N The Hood” director John Singleton to produce a new TV…

Oh yes our boy Mike hit the View yesterday in full effect ready to talk about his new book, Mike Tyson: Autobiography.  And while we applaud Mike for his brutal honesty.  He made the ladies visually uncomfortable at times because our boy Mike kept it all the way real.  He speaks on why for years he […]

Probably not but you should.  Why?  Because she was the first real notable female comedian that just happened to be Black.  It’s funny because my dad was a big fan so when I was little he would always play her stuff in the car and I became a big fan!  She was the inspiration for […]

  Jay Z debuted “Picasso Baby” his highly anticipated piece of performance art on HBO a few moments ago. Take a look at the video…

Actor James Gandolfini has reportedly passed away in Italy. According to TMZ, he suffered a possible heart attack earlier today. He was in Sicily set…

Hey yall it’s Laiya and shout out to all my Game of Thrones lovers! I’m with you in battle every week, but I thought I would share some interesting photos I found. It seems the women of Game of Thrones are not all they appear. Most of them look nothing like their characters. Dont believe […]

Here is some of the Documentary in case you missed it! I’ll be checking it out once I get to the crib! Enjoy!

Courtesy Of LA Times HBO is set to air an documentary about RnB sensation Beyonce, which is set to air this Saturday, February 16th, 2013 at 9pm.  The documentary chronicles her pressures dealing with stardom, making great music, also her pregnancy of her first child Blue Ivy Carter.  “People see celebrities, and they have money […]

Courtesy of  The Mirror UK Robert F. Chew, better known as the drug kingpin Proposition Joe in HBO’s successful tv drama, The Wire, was found dead this week in his Baltimore, Maryland apartment of an apparent death due to cardiovascular disease.  The 52 year old actor was little known for his roles on tv before he […]